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  • The Audi Marin Team

    Our team numbers over 150 people, from every county in the Bay Area. Our Wall of Fame speaks for itself. We also offer Audi Training, and employ technicians from Germany. We are fluent in Spanish and German, and have team members that have been with us for over 20 years. We are always looking for dedicated individuals to join our team.  If you are interested in working with us, please click here to apply. 

  • Rod Helaire
    General Manager

    Rod is the proud owner of a 2018 Audi SQ5. He has been in the car business for 32 years, and specifically with Audi for 11 years. 



    I'm petrified of being taken advantage of @ car dealerships - simply too many variables and #'s I don't understand. I spent 2-3 weeks researching the car I wanted @ local dealerships. Sonnen had the largest inventory + lowest prices of all the Bay Area options. 

    I had the pleasure of working w/ JON YOUNG (Sales Rep) and ROD HELAIRE (General Manager) this past weekend - the negotiations were quick and painless. Throughout the course of conversations shared I felt that I was working w/ a smart / conscientious team of advisers (as opposed to adversaries). I cannot say enough good things about these two - JON took his time walking me through every detail of the car and deal  - ROD added his two cents when applicable. Never once did I feel pressured / bullied / confused. 

    I purchased a 2015 S3 yesterday and could not be happier - this is my third Audi after a string of BMW's. I live in SF but will continue to go to Sonnen for Service and / or any new car needs. 

    JON said something that stuck w/ me as I drove off the lot - '50% of my effort goes to selling the car - the other 50% is dedicated to maintaining a dialogue to make sure you're enjoying the new car.' 

    Finally found a sales team I can trust - JON YOUNG... THANK YOU!!!

     If you want a classy car and outstanding service go Marin Audi. Oh and the Sales manager Rod Helaire, he's the best dress manger I've seen. Your leadership reflects with your staff.

    As lawyers, Hanno and I understand the challenges of providing consistently outstanding service.  (It is no small task.)  We are also experienced car owners, having owned Lexuses, BMWs, Volkswagens and Volvos.  Never have we been shown the level of professionalism and consideration that Rod and his team at Sonnen Audi have shown us without fail.  Rod meets every issue, big or small, with his million-dollar smile (that can be felt even in emails or voicemails!) and "can do" attitude.  He is remarkably responsive and always ensures that things happen on time and at our convenience.  It is because of Rod and the excellent, unbelievably knowledgeable Walter Sells that we now have two Audis (a Q5 and a TTRS).  In fact, we had put a deposit on a new Tesla Model S but were so underwhelmed by the service we received there (they seem to believe the cars sell themselves?) that we went straight to Sonnen Audi and replaced Hanno's 2010 TTS with a 2013 TTRS instead.  As with the Q5, Rod and Walter made the process of trading in the TTS and leasing the TTRS smooth and even pleasant -- something I almost never hear about car-buying/leasing experiences.

    Hanno and I tell everyone who cares to listen what an amazing crew Rod leads at Sonnen.  We are excited that he and Walter and the rest of the team will soon be able to work out of the beautiful new space, and we look forward to our continued relationship with Sonnen Audi.  Rod really makes us feel like family!  

    I am a returning, now 13 car (11 personal, two purchase referrals) to Sonnen VW Audi in San Rafael, CA.  Just purchased my 13th (hopefully lucky 13th) car with Sonnen.

    Have dealt with Rod Helaire, the General Sales Manger MANY times, and the deal and transaction were handled with the level of excellence and integrity that I have come to expect - in this transaction, I also was helped by one of the new Sales Associates, Mr. Torbin Neudoerffer.  Torbin evaluated my critera and  helped me to make a selection that EXACTLY fit my needs, in an hour.  He was well familiar with both the Audi and VW models and their technical aspects, and consistent with the Sonnen experience I've had, provided me with the choice that met my needs and expense profile....Not was was conveniently in inventory, but exactly what I needed.

    He also stayed beyond their normal business hours, assuring that my transaction paperwork was competently handled and that my vehicle was detailed and delivered in suberb condiiton

    I would be happy to refer friends and business associates to Sonnen Audi/VW, and would suggest they ask for Torbin Neudoerffer to assist them.

    I also recommend Rod Helaire for his consistent excellence over the years, congratulate him for building an excellent sales staff team, and also cannot fail to mention the EXCELLENT service staff at Sonnen - have known Gene Frank one of the Great Service Advisors for 10 years - the Service experience at Sonnen is as consistently excellent as the sales experience, and with a 12 car history, have dealt with problems ranging from an engine replacement to wiper blade & phone pairing issues....all handled professionally and efficiently.  They keep me happy and the car(s) running perfectly.

    Will be a returning customer, and highly recommend them.  I have given Herr Peter Sonnen enough of my money to earn a GREAT DEAL on that R8....someday !!   

    We just moved here and needed a bigger car for our son and our new lifestyle.  We had a 2008 Audi A4 that needed to be traded in and we were looking to lease a car.   We were greeted by Ron ( Manager) and Torben( Sales) and told them our needs for a bigger car and our budget concerns.  .

    Both of them listen and told us that a Tiguan would be a perfect fit based on our needs and our budget!

    Torben showed us all of the features and benefits of the Tiguan during our test driving experience.  He even entertain our  8 month old son during the ride.  We looked at a few other cars and realized that the Tiguan would be a perfect fit.

    Torben is very knowledgable about VW's Audi's and all cars as he grew up in the business.  Torben is honest, realistic, and reliable sales person.  He really listen and selected a car that would work best for our family!  

    We walked out of there on the same day with a brand new car and received a good trade in value for our Audi.

    We highly recommend Torben, Ron, John, and the team at Sonnen.

    Thanks again and we love our new car!  

    Audi Marin is the best!!! I have now purchased two cars in the last year from them and each time the experience was not short of spectacular. Rod Helaire, the General Sales Manager is more than fair, bends over backwards to make sure you are happy and is an all around great individual. Donna Llamas & Jon Young are fantastic sales people. They make sure every question is answered properly, all of your concerns are addressed and make you feel at home and comfortable when making the important decision of buying a new vehicle. Glen Brown in service is great! He keeps communicating updates regarding your vehicle while in the shop and makes sure every scenario is exhausted in order for the repair to be done correctly the first time. Their technicians are top of the line and the best at what they do. I am truly grateful to have had and continue to have nothing but the best experiences when dealing with Audi Marin. I am a customer for life and happy to refer any person looking for a new car to them.

  • Steve Hamilton
    Service Director
    Ext. 4115

  • James Lim
    Parts Manager

    James likes the Audi S4 the best.

  • Indy Rathnayake
    Sales Manager

    Indy has been in the car business for 12 years and is a die-hard 49ers fan!

    CELL PHONE: 559-709-9068


    Great customer satisfaction. Indy and Neil really met all the customer demands and were very professional leaving you in a satisfactory environment. One of the best places to look for a car and the respect you feel here as a customer is very pleasing.

    This was my second Audi purchase and first from Sonnen dealership, which turned out to be an excellent experience. We walked in on a busy day.. Sales manager Indy greeted us at the front reception. He spent his time to understand my needs and assured a hassle free buying experience. After talking to Indy we narrow down my preference to an A6 Premium Plus model. He was very upfront and honest with the price negotiation and ensured that the only variable remaining in the deal-making was my test drive and personal choice. He introduced us to an Audi specialist to test drive the A6. Leo was very knowledgeable, easy going and funny. Financing was also quick and easy. In the whole process everyone is calm, and never try to rush customer (me) into making a decision, which is a great attribute. I'm extremely pleased with my new A6.
    Indy and his team were great. Overall, I highly recommend this dealership!   

    I recently leased a new Q5 from this dealership. I think our experience is best summed up by the fact that unlike at every other dealership where they just make up magic numbers when it comes to prices while they secretly type away at their computer, at Sonnen, they openly show you all the numbers on their monitor, the interest rate you're being charged, etc. No haggling required, we got a low price already from our first email quote from them (much lower than a number of other dealerships not too far away), walked in, and got the paperwork started. We walked out with the original price we were quoted, no fuss, no muss. Very professional. No pressure. Great experience. Talk to Indy (Sales Manager) he did a great job for us or Ludie (Sales Person). Thank you gentlemen:)   

  • Nathan Proctor
    Sales Manager

    cell: 415-691-5939

    Nathan is the proud owner of a 2016 Audi S5, and has been with the Audi brand for 15 years.


    This review is completely based on the service my Dad and I got from Nathan yesterday. I was rear-ended and my car was totaled, so I am test-driving a short list of cars I've narrowed down, including the VW Beetle convertible and Eos. Nathan took us out, described the features, how each vehicle would drive differently than the other, what a hard top convertible vs. soft top will feel like to drive, etc. He also had a very well-planned test drive including highway, regular roads, hills (to test the hill assist feature) and a windy hill to test handling. I really got a great feel for the cars, much better than other brands/dealerships I've tried. He was incredibly informative without trying to push us to make a purchase then and there. I even pointed to the Audi A5, because ... it's an Audi A5 AKA one of the sexiest convertibles ever ... which he did not even suggest having me test drive as I'd given him my price points beforehand!!! At the end, he gave us his card and brochures so that we can decide what's best for me. What kind of car salesperson does this? Amazing! If I go with either one of these cars, I will certainly be buying it from Nathan. They are also offering 0% financing which doesn't hurt. Thanks so much for a wonderful and non-pushy experience - we've had plenty of those "typical" salesy encounters these past couple weeks! Much appreciated.   

  • Don Branscum
    Finance Manager

    Don is the proud owner of the Volkswagen 2012 Jetta TDI, and has been in the car business for 25 years.


    I recently purchased a Certified Pre Owned A4 at this location.  Initially I went in to see a different car, but the one I bought met my needs better.  Leo Lodin was the salesperson that helped me.  He was very courteous, informative and presented himself well.  He was not overly over-bearing like some salespeople.  Rod Helaire, the sales manager, was also courteous, as was Don Branscum, the finance manager.  I am cautiously hopeful that when I begin to bring the car in for service that the service department will be as good as the sales department!   

    Also Don the finance guy was very efficient., anyway cant say anything yet about their maintenance department which sounds rather negative on yelp , but for now it was  a smooth quick and pleasant experience.

  • Brad Foon
    Finance Manager

  • Chris Nasrat
    Finance Manager
    Ext - 4116

  • Alex Nekouy
    Internet Manager


    Maegan from Windsor: Just bought an Audi Q7 from Alex Nekouy at sonnen Audi in Marin and it was a great experience. Alex is a great salesman, no pressure, relaxed, and helpful. Next time request Alex if you are in the market for an Audi

    Kamran from San Jose: The folks at Audi Marin are amazing. Alex Mekovy was a huge help spending time to look through many different cars to find the right one for me. After spending a week with my Audi A3 I know I made the right choice by coming to see Alex. 

    Thank you Audi Marin and thank you so much Alex for all the help!

    Ophelia from San Jose:
    My son wanted to lease an Audi so we were referred to "Alex" at Audi Marin located at San Rafael, by a friend. 
    Since we live in San Jose, we decided to first communicate with Alex by phone and text.  He was very kind and professional and tried to help us. 
    However after some consideration, we decided against leasing a car and instead to buy a new car.  We were thinking of getting a much cheaper car than Audi.  
    So I told Alex that my son has changed his mind for leasing a car and thanked him for all he did.  Alex was very nice and without any hesitation thanked us and we started looking for another car to buy. 
    Few hours after our talk with Alex, he sent a text asking to know if my son might be interested to buy an Audi.  I told him that the price was out of my son's budget and we were looking to get something much cheaper.  
    To make the story short, after some back and forth, Alex managed to find us a clean 2015 Audi with only 3000 miles and exactly with the package that my son wanted. We went to Audi Marin dealership the next day and saw the car.  
    My son really liked it and we bought it with an excellent price and monthly payment. 
    I really liked the way Alex did his job.  His marketing style was fantastic.  He was aggressive but not "pushy" at all. If you are in a market to buy an Audi, I highly recommend "Alex" at Audi Marin.  He is sharp, polite, considerate and very professional.  The manager and the general manager at this dealership should be very happy to have him there.

    Jill G. from SF writes: We had a great experience here at sonnen Audi, everyone was very nice and helpful. I would highly recommend Alex Nekouy, he made the whole process of buying a new car seem like a walk in the park.

    Tannaz from Rohnert Park writes: Buying a new car is never an easy thing especially when you are in between 2 kinds and don't know what direction to go in. Originally I was looking at the Acura ILX and had fallen in love with it, but then I saw the Q5 my dad just bought (from a different dealership) and knew that I had to check out an Audi. I looked at a couple of dealerships and had some other options, and when I walked into Marin Audi, I truly had no intention to "Buy" a car. I figured that I would look around, see some cars, get some options and move on with my day. I found myself with a great salesperson Alex who was professional, helpful and willing to help me find the car that was right for me. I am in awe of the beautiful A3 that I just got and I look forward to driving and experiencing a lot with it. 

    Thank you to Alex and Marin Audi for your help and support!

    Tyler from LA writes: 
    Amazing customer service! Take care of you without the haggle. Also- took us on some fun test drives. Ask for Alex, he is the man! He will make sure you leave happy and satisfied.

  • Carlos Mariano
    Internet Sales Manager

  • Amal Bouhmouch
    Internet Manager

    5 star customer reviews for Amal: 

    NIKHILESH from Google Reviews: I recently purchased an A4 form Audi Marin and this is one of the best car buying experiences I ever had. I loved it the moment I walked in. First off, the people at Audi Marin were kind and courteous. They were very hospitable and offered me a bottle of water. This was my first time coming here and was not sure what to expect. Amal did a phenomenal job. He gave me exactly what I wanted. Amal was meticulous and patiently explained everything about the car . He's great at conversation and will not make the experience dull and awkward. Overall, I loved the customer service and the hospitality. From the get go you can tell everyone cares about the customer and that's truly lacking at some BMW dealers. Thank you, Audi Marin, for making my car buying experience a pleasant one.

    ABISHEK from SF:

    I have been going to Audi Marin for years for service on my 2009 A4, but alas it was time to upgrade. I could not have been happier with my experience with Amal Bouhmouch; as he is a straight forward, respectful salesman who made our experience hassle free. We were in and out with a 2015 A3 in a few hours. My sincerest thanks to Amal.



    I just leased a beautiful Audi S5 from this dealership. I've bought a few cars in my life but dealing with internet sales manager Amal Bouhmouch, was the best car purchasing experience I've ever had. I give him TEN STARS!
    Amal is very personable, the man never stops smiling, and it's a real smile.
    We had worked out a pretty good deal on the car even before I got to the dealership, that ended up being even better and Amal delivered on everything he said he would.
    He even followed up on giving me advice for my son to sell his Mini Cooper privately.

    The finance manager also made things very easy and never pressured me in anyway.
    If your looking for a no nonsense, no pressure car buying experience, this is your place. They will get all my referrals and future business.

    I had decided on an Audi and visited and called several Bay Area dealerships. I have to say that at virtually all of them, the sales persons were alarmingly disengaged, until I reached  Amal Bouhmouch at Sonnen Marin Audi. He was the only salesperson who followed up on my inquiries and who took a personal interest in my needs as a customer. I felt through the entire process - car selection, negotiation, follow-through, delivery - he was straightforward, helpful, engaged.  Even after we closed the deal, he continued to assist me in some post-purchase activities. For me, working with Amal was worth the drive up to Marin and I can recommend him without reservation.

    I had one of the best car purchase experiences at Marin Audi, and mostly because of Amal, the Internet Sales Manager.  From the very first email to the thank you note to express appreciation for closing the deal, Amal has been courteous and professional.  

    My wife and I have been shopping for a vehicle on and off for the past year, and have visited numerous luxury car dealerships around the bay area.  Our experiences with the sales staff from those dealerships range from pleasant but mediocre to disrespectful in a few unfortunate instances.

    Something we truly appreciated in Amal is his attentiveness to our needs and his ability to not only listen to, but also address all of our concerns, one by one.  We also had a great experience working with Tim, the finance manager.

    Marin Audi have been the best dealership we've visited so far.  And of course, we purchased our vehicle from here.  Marin Audi really knows how to treat their customers.  it's always tough to car shop with a toddler, but Marin Audi are attentive to adults as well toddlers: our four year old was entertained with a drawing kit, along with snacks and beverages to her delight.


    This is my 6th or 7th Audi and my first experience with Audi Marin- overall an excellent experience with the help of salesperson Amal Bouhmouch. I sent in an internet request and within minutes received a call from Amal. He was very customer oriented- courteous, professional, and responsive. With Amal's help the process of getting our A7 was easy and quick. We appreciated how efficient Amal was with our time, especially since our first visit was with our twin toddlers. Amal even brought out crayons and Audi coloring books for them- a nice touch! We are happy customers.


    Just got a new vehicle from Amal and Audi Marin. Wonderful service that was quick and courteous--unlike my other experiences with "good cop / bad cop" car salespersons. 

    I would highly recommend Amal and the dealership in Marin. First class!        


    Just bought a new A6 and the experience could not have been better. I went up on a week day and spent 30 minutes with Amal Bouhmouch who emailed me ideas and prices the same day. I settled on one of them and when I came back the next day it was waiting and ready to go. It took 30 minutes this time as well to finish the entire transaction. I was incredibly impressed by the speed and the preparation. Amal is an outstanding sales representative -- he knows his trade and he doesn't attempt to push you into anything. Going back today to get a full hour tutorial of all the car amenities. 


    I purchased a 2014 RS5 Cabriolet yesterday and Amal Bouhmouch was my Sale Rep.  He was terrific and Rod the general sales manager was also great.  Amal made the process super quick, friendly (not pushy!) and was very patient with me as I thought about the purchase.

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Audi from them and look forward to the service experience.

    Ask for Amal!        

    Eiqil F from SF, CA: 

    I recently went to sonnen Audi to get a new car and hopefully trade in my A3

    I was greeted by Amal Bouhmouch.
    He was very nice and knowledgable of his business.
    Amal found me a great deal on a 2011 BMW X5.
    I asked him to lower the price a bit and he did, took my A3 as a trade in and everything was easy and pleasant.
    Once I got home I realized the X5 had paint oversrpay all over the car, very tiny specs of white paint, very hard to notice.
    I called Amal and he told me to go ahead and come on in, that he would have it detailed and have the detailed clay bar it to remove all that.
    Mind u the car was sold.
    I did, and all went very well.
    Very good service, professional and friendly.
    We will return to get a new car for my wife.   

    Ken D. , AUBURN, CA: 

    When looking for a new A6 I initially worked with 4 different dealers but ended up buying from Sonnen.  Amal, the internet sales manager, was prompt, courteous and attentive.  We negotiated a deal with, a minimum of fuss, that was good enough for me to drive all the way from Auburn.  I made an appointment to close the next day and when I arrived the car had already been detailed.  Amal met me for a test drive, after which we went upstairs to sign a couple of pieces of paper then right into the finance office which took all of 15 minutes.  Back downstairs to get a more detailed briefing on the car and we were done.  Probably an hour start to finish.  I've bought perhaps a dozen new cars in my life and this was the best experience yet.  No drama, respectful, great value, they did what they said.  I will be back to do business with Sonnen Marin.

  • Stephanie Green
    Brand Specialist

    5 star reviews for Stephanie: 

    Ting writes: Go ask for Stephanie Green! Efficient, funny, with positive energy. And most important, she has lots of knowledge to cars.

    Grace from Pleasanton: 
    Stephenie Green, she is the one go to person that you would love to work with. 

    Positive energy, know her cars well. Not pushy, will go above and beyond for her customer. 

    We come in today after our celebratory trip to buy the new car. Stephenie is very helpful. 

    Go look for her when you need to buy an Audi!!!

    Jonathan from Tiburon writes: This leads me to my next experience of going through the process of looking for another vehicle; which we all know can be tedious at times. However this was NOT the case over at Audi Marin! From the minute I walked in, I was immediately greeted by Stephanie Green, and I'd just like to say...LOVE HER!!!!! She has a wonderful personality, extremely knowledgeable and made my leasing experience very enjoyable!!! If you are in the market for a new car, without a doubt- go to Audi Marin and ask for Stephanie. THANK YOU for all of your help and wealth of knowledge....I love my new 2016 A3 e-tron!

    Steve K from Greenbrae: I had a great experience with Stephanie Green at Audi Marin. She was highly attentive and very professional. She went into detail explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different options for each vehicle. She made the buying experience much better. 

    Google reviewer: Stephanie helped pick a new car. She was very knowledgable about the cars and gave us great advice. They really took care of our kids and the purchase experience was the least painless one I had with a great price and a great car at the end. Also love the service department, they always take great care of us with our now 2 Audis.

    Jeff from SF writes: Hi Rod. Just wanted to mention that working with Stephanie during the purchase of my 2015 CPO Audi S4 was a pleasure. She is very professional and appropriately engaging with excellent product knowledge. It took 96 days from our first meeting until we found the right car for me, and she was helpful extremely and patient along the way. Never did I feel that she was merely interested in closing a deal. You should be proud to have her as a representative of Sonnen Audi. Jeff Rothman MD

    Tom K. from Petaluma writes:  Probably one of THE BEST car buying experiences I've ever had.

    Was car shopping all day, went to a few different dealerships in Marin and finally landed on Audi Marin. I'm a young guy, and I was with a few buddies of mine, so usually salespeople don't take me seriously or give me the time of day. 
    Nobody was pushy, and when I asked Stephanie Green a question about a car on display, she was quick to answer, knowledgeable, and extremely friendly and had a great conversational personality. By far the best car salesperson I've ever dealt with.

    She wasn't pushy, and instead of trying to upsell me, she worked hard to find the right car for me - and for my friends. She was quick to pick up the fact that I had to get approval from the boys before making a buying decision.

    We test drove 3-4 cars, and instead of acting inconvenienced, she was happy to oblige. The Audi I ended up picking was an amazing machine. She helped to negotiate the price, and made the entire purchasing process fun and simple.

    HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE GUYS!! Amazing customer service. Because of the staff at Audi Marin, I'll definitely be sticking with the Audi brand for the foreseeable future.

  • Esan Geroux
    Brand Specialist

    5 stars for Esan: 

    Julia writes: Esan Geroux is a fabulous sales person... Delightful Personality calm Patient intelligent He explains everything really well for someone who is not car savvy! He also really reviewed my environmental, practical considerations and aesthetics to help me determine which car I purchased... He has been following up with terrific tutorial service .... Excellent !!!! Everyone at Audi Marin has been warm friendly and helpful. As someone with environmental sensitivities it's a huge pleasure to go into the showroom and not smell outgassing toxins really is environmentally conscious about materials .. What's a relief!

    Stefan from Richmond writes: In the beginning we were debating between the BMW X5 and the Audi Q7. We bought our Q7 from Esan at Audi Marin because of his high quality customer service. After several test drives the Q7's quality won us over and Esan's energy, knowledge and follow-up sealed the deal.

    Lisa writes" Just bought a new car thru Audi Marin with the help of salesman Esan Geroux. I walked in, told Esan what I was looking for and he and fellow staffers went straight to work. Within a week I was driving off the lot in my dream car. Probably one of the smoothest car purchase transactions ever, and Esan was the best - impeccable service! Thanks!

    Angela from Novato, CA: My husband and I bought a Audi Q3 here last night.  Even though I was all over the place trying to decide which vehicle, which trim, which color I wanted - the team was patient and delivered top notch customer service!  I was over the top aggressive about the deal I wanted, and the Sales Manager (Rod) was very "real" with me about my expectations. Even though I left the dealership, I ultimately came back as the team never gave up working with me.  My sales guy Esan knows everything there is to know about the Audi SUV's.  I highly recommend him!  I also had a great experience with John who took care of delivery for me.  He sat with us for a hour and made sure we understood every function of the car, even telling us which pages in the manual we want to make sure we take the time to read!  As if the cars aren't enough reason to own an AUDI, this dealership makes the buying experience that much more enjoyable!

    LAUREN FROM SF: I just purchased a pre-owned vehicle at Audi Marin and our salesman, Esan, was absolutely fantastic! The process was simple and pain free and we were in and out in an evening once we decided on our vehicle of choice. He was honest, gave us all the information we asked for and was incredibly professional.

    Sherri writes: I FINALLY bought my Dream Car!!!! Esan Geroux made my life so easy last weekend when I walked in. I told him what I was looking for and he walked me directly to it - everything exactly the way I wanted it - a little while later I drove home in the most beautiful A5 Cabriolet I have ever seen. I will always be an Audi girl, but this one is the most amazing car I have ever driven. Its a dream come true after drooling over everyone elses for 6+ years. Esan, your the bomb and I will come back to you every time its time for another one. You made everything so easy, you were so accommodating and you did it all with an enthusiastic smile. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Arnold
    Brand Specialist
    ext. 4129

  • Victor Cardenas
    Brand Specialist
    Ext - 4194

    Habla Español

  • Ricky Quintana
    Brand Specialist

    Ricky Quintana, one of our newest Audi Brand Specialists, comes to us from the Audi Service Drive! After joining our Service team at the end of 2016, he soon realized that his passion for the Audi brand was swelling. Ricky opted to join the Sales team in Summer 2018 and brought his 10 years of Customer Service experience to the showroom. Ricky's enthusiasm, professionalism, and positive attitude should be a welcome addition to the Audi Marin showroom.

    "My goal is not only to help people find the right Audi for them, but to make the process as enjoyable as the car itself!"

  • Myles Saffian
    Brand Specialist

  • Abdel Elmenyar
    Brandi Specialist
    Ext. 4122

  • Omar Zidouh
    Brand Specialist
    Ext 4124

  • DJ Jerez
    Brand Specialist

  • Donald Davis
    Brand Specialist

  • Carolina Carrasco
    Service Dispatcher

  • Gary Porch
    Service Advisor


    I unfortunately got a flat tire on the way to Napa and happened to be near the Audi Marin service center. So I stopped in hoping they would be able to help. They were absolutely AMAZING! Everyone I dealt with was so nice. I told them my sister was in town visiting, and they offered me a rental car so that we wouldn't ruin our day waiting for the tire to be patched. 

    Even though I live in SF, I'm thinking of making the trip here for service just because of the great experience. Gary was my advisor, but the service manager (I forget his name) also helped out when we first walked in. If you're local to this service center, definitely come here.

    Gary Poarch is great.  He is always a pleasure to work with. 

    I am happy to fill out a survey and will give the highest scores to him. 

    Your company does a fantastic job with customer service.  

    PS: My car was repaired under warranty and returned when promised and newly washed. Gary Poarch, my assigned service guy, knew his Audi's and was friendly and responsive. Thanks  Gary!   

    I'd like to share an exceptional recent experience with Sonnen Audi.
    My Audi A4 was totalled in a parking lot- fortunately I was not in the car at the time. For those of you who have had to deal with a complex insurance situation you understand the stress that ensues.

    I should add that I have purchased 2 A4's from Sonnen. After the accident I called Gary Poarch, my Service Advisor to obtain his guidance as to the potential best replacement vehicle. I value Gary's knowledge and honesty - traits that are unfortunately rare among many service people today. Literally within minutes I received a call from Rod Helaire (General Sales Manager). We discussed all of the circumstances such as timing, price, options and I cannot tell you the sense of relief that I felt after the call! I happened to be on vacation at the time and we made arrangements for me to test drive several cars immediately upon my return to the Bay Area.  My first stop from SFO was Sonnen where Rod connected me to Donna Llamas. Wow! Donna was the perfect person for me to deal with- she is knowledgeable, service-centered and unbelievably warm and caring in her customer interactions. It was the most pleasant and painless shopping experience I have had in a very long time! Needless to say I did not leave the showroom without purchasing a car.

    I have personally had nothing but great service on all levels at Sonnen- Sales, Service, Finance and Reception. I highly recommend the team- particularly those mentioned in this review.

    Give Sonnen a chance to exceed your expectations- I don't think you will be disappointed!   

  • Glen Brown
    Service Advisor


    Joe from Pinole: 
    I have used three of the Audi dealerships in the area for service and wasn't very impressed by two of them but Glenn at Sonnen is a rockstar!  I have worked with him for several years now and every experience was positive.  He has always put me (the customer) first and tried to keep the costs down.  That type of relentless customer support builds loyalty.  It is time for my next purchase, because of Glenn I selected to buy my new RS5 from Sonnen.  All dealerships essentially offer the same cars and services so for me the decision of where to buy came down to who I want to do business with going forward.  That was an easy decision.  Good looking out Glenn!  


    P.s.  Love the RS5.

    LESLIE FROM KENTFIELD: I had the goof fortune having Glen help us in the service department at Audi. We had so many questions and he walked us through every detail of how, why and what needs to happen with our Audi - He went above and beyond and even spoke with my dad who wanted to be conferenced in and understand the repairs. Glen has seen us at least twice now and has been a pleasure to work with - we will continue to bring our car to him as long as we live in Marin!

    Thank you Glen!!!

    ALEX FROM SF: I purchased my Audi last fall from Audi of Marin and thought the sales people that we working with were fantastic! What makes me give Audi of Marin a five-star review though is Glen who works in the service department. Glen makes something that is the inconvenience of brining your car in for service and turns it into one of the highlights of your day with his quality of professionalism and friendliness.

    Max from San Francisco: This is for the service department: Glen Brown is the man! Fast and professional. Flawless customer service and a pleasure to work with. The youngest of the service team, treats his older mature clients and younger crowd customers with the same respect. 


    I've had many Audi's and have dealt with dealerships all over Ca. Sonnen is the closest dealership to me currently so I have been servicing my car there. Glen Brown is the best service consultant I've ever dealt with. He's always professional and gets me an appointment that fits within my busy schedule. It's common for him to take the extra step in making sure I'm happy and satisfied with my service experience. Stephen Day is hands down the best salesman at that dealership as well. I purchased my S5 from him and the experience was phenomenal. I've since turned friends and family to him because I know he'll find them the car with the right numbers. These two individuals make Sonnen my one stop Audi dealership.   

    Glen Brown, service consultants, are always very helpful in attending to my needs in a helpful, cheerful, and timely manner. I recently purchased a pre-owned pre-certified  Audi A4 convertible from Sonnen and have had some trouble with indicator lights on the dashboard. However, anytime an indicator light comes on, I am able to come in at my convenience and they attend to the matter almost immediately. I was nervous buying pre-owned vehicle, but the service I have received makes me feel like I made the right decision. This is the sixth vehicle I have purchased from Sonnen; the first five were new.   

    Kudos to the Sonnen Service team..especially Derek, who came in on his day off too install a new gas pedal for my 2007 Jetta...from the appoinment desk to, Glen in service..they went the extra mile to fix my car and make it as convenient as possible...Louis, who is the shuttle driver is a treasure!!!  

    Audi Marin is the best!!! I have now purchased two cars in the last year from them and each time the experience was not short of spectacular. Rod Helaire, the General Sales Manager is more than fair, bends over backwards to make sure you are happy and is an all around great individual. Donna Llamas & Jon Young are fantastic sales people. They make sure every question is answered properly, all of your concerns are addressed and make you feel at home and comfortable when making the important decision of buying a new vehicle. Glen Brown in service is great! He keeps communicating updates regarding your vehicle while in the shop and makes sure every scenario is exhausted in order for the repair to be done correctly the first time. Their technicians are top of the line and the best at what they do. I am truly grateful to have had and continue to have nothing but the best experiences when dealing with Audi Marin. I am a customer for life and happy to refer any person looking for a new car to them.

  • Gene Frank
    Service Advisor

    Proud owner of Audi S4


    Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for your email.  I am looking forward to taking the survey and giving all 10's!  Gene is amazing and SO helpful he had all of our paperwork ready the night before and we were able to drop off the car early.  The rest of the service team were so nice and welcoming.  It was my first visit but it felt like I knew everyone on the team for years. Thank you Audi Marin for making car serving an enjoyable task.

    All the best,



    My service experiences at Sonnen Audi are always exceptional thanks to the incredible level of customer service and support that Gene Frank consistently provides.  My current A3 is my third Audi that I have purchased with Sonnen and Gene has been with me for all three of my Audis over the span of at least 10 years.  It is his level of focus and dedication that keeps me coming back to Sonnen and will continue to do so with subsequent Audis in my future.


    Gene truly exemplifies professionalism and excellence in his field.


    These guys have great customer service! Go see Gene!

    I am a bit of a nut when it comes to my car. I came in with a squeaking noise coming from my 2012 Audi S4's steering wheel. I was expecting them to tell me that I'm crazy and that they wouldn't fix it because it was a nonessential problem. But Gene welcomed me and made sure that the problem would be fixed, no matter how big or small.

    The staff at the front desk were also very friendly and helpful. They gave me a 2013 Audi A4 as a loaner, which was really nice too. I've been to a lot of dealerships and this has been the best customer service at any of them! 

    This is a review of Gene Frank at Sonnen Service Dept.  He is so awesome.  I call and bug him about random stuff all the time (e.g. sitting at the gas station at 7AM going "what was the grade of oil I'm supposed to be putting in the car again?") and he always calls me back same day and doesn't make me feel stupid.  He listens to me carefully when I come in for service and lets me know what is a real issue and what I'm imagining (though he would never use that word).  He's proactive about processing Audi-authorized updates.  He recommends a loaner car when a service will take all day and basically goes the extra mile for service.  More than anything, I just always get the feeling he is talking straight with me and never pulling one over.  

    Re: Sonnen as a whole, I'm deducting one star because they have the most annoying policy of calling you 50 million times after a service with recorded, peppy calls saying they hope you had a great service and won't you take the survey and how about now have you taken the survey yet here's one more reminder... it gets pretty annoying.  This is probably coming from Audi corporate, but they need to push back and cut it out.  

    Also, I happen to have an extended service contract with Audi, so I typicaly am not paying for much, but I do remember having a Jetta serviced at Sonnen some years ago and it was not cheap by any means.  But if money is no object or you are covered by a warranty, I would use Sonnen no question.  And see Gene.   

    Nothing but great experiences with Sonnen's service department.  I've taken my car there a few times (under warranty) and the service has been impeccable.  Gene (my service rep) was efficient, reliable, and delivered exactly as promised - with great communication.  They've arranged cars and worked around my schedule.  I highly recommend Sonnen.   

    These guys have great customer service! Go see Gene!

    I am a bit of a nut when it comes to my car. I came in with a squeaking noise coming from my 2012 Audi S4's steering wheel. I was expecting them to tell me that I'm crazy and that they wouldn't fix it because it was a nonessential problem. But Gene welcomed me and made sure that the problem would be fixed, no matter how big or small.

    The staff at the front desk were also very friendly and helpful. They gave me a 2013 Audi A4 as a loaner, which was really nice too. I've been to a lot of dealerships and this has been the best customer service at any of them!   

  • Jonathan Fong
    Service Advisor
    Ext. 4177

  • Griffin

  • Roberto
    Shuttle Driver

    Roberto has been with the Sonnen Family for over 10 years! 

Our most recent 5 Star Reviews
             The Leebs
4 days ago-
We just purchased a 2018 Q5 from Esan Geroux. He was awesome to deal with. He made the process of purchasing the car easy and really spent the time with us to familiarize us with every detail of its operation when it was time to take delivery. His knowledge of this car was superior and I would definitely purchase another car through him.

I purchased my Audi last fall from Audi of Marin and thought the sales people that we working with were fantastic! What makes me give Audi of Marin a five-star review though is Glen who works in the service department. Glen makes something that is the inconvenience of bringing your car in for service and turns it into one of the highlights of your day with his quality of professionalism and friendliness.

Worked with Alex Nekouy and got a great deal on my new A4. Love the car and the experience at the dealer was much better than expected when negotiating. Recommend coming here the next time you're considering an Audi.