Why Buy An Audi San Rafael, CA

The luxury vehicle market is a hyper-competitive space chalked full of affluent options designed to take your drive to the next level. Audi is a world leader in this space and sets itself apart by focusing on the details to offer its customers a vehicle lineup that feels as rich as it looks. Sure, you could go for a competitor, but why settle for standards that are less than what you can get with an Audi.


Style That's More Substance Than Flash


Experienced Audi drivers in San Francisco believe Audi's cars are the most beautiful on the road, while fans of other brands may disagree. However, a conservative design with a broader appeal proves that a style-by-stealth approach always tops the flashy nature of stand-out flair.


Audi's sense of style isn't just limited to what you see on the outside either. Sitting in an Audi cabin is like hanging out in your living room. Audi interiors are well laid out, with intuitive controls, filled with the best materials and always ergonomically comfortable.


State-of-the-Art Technology


Richmond drivers that think of themselves as tech-heads always find a lot to love about the standard technology found in Audi vehicles. Intuitive smartphone-like touchscreen easily help drivers navigate a clean menu system that allows you to access climate controls or the smartphone integration in your infotainment system.


World-Class Performance


No matter if you're driving an Audi A3 or a performance-focused Audi RS3 around Marin County, you can expect to get the best performance a luxury car can buy. Audi has one of the biggest and most varied model line-ups of any car brand, with almost everything from a supermini to a supercar.


What's more is that not only does Audi build a car for almost every type of (premium) consumer, but it also builds some of the world's best racing cars - its endurance racers have dominated Le Mans for over a decade.


Audi's racecar development program gets to test all of Audi's technology and engineering innovations first, putting them under the most intensive duress possible. What this means for you is that every feature in your Audi is guaranteed to hold up over the long haul.


Environmentally Friendly Options


It might sound odd to suggest that a car company that builds a behemoth of an SUV such as the Q7 or a supercar such as the R8 can also be considered as environmental pioneers, but Audi can make such a claim. Developments such as cylinder cut-off in its gas-powered engines have greatly improved vehicle efficiency for drivers around Sonoma County.


Audi is one of the leading companies developing electric cars and plug-in hybrids, with even the aforementioned Q7 and R8 - probably the least likely candidates for electrification - having e-tron versions in development.


A Celebrity Appeal


Hollywood actors, professional athletes, and world-famous musicians get to ride in Audis all the time going to awards ceremonies such as The Grammy's, ESPY's and The Emmy's. So, it should come as no surprise that so many of them get hooked on the comfort of the cabins and end up buying one for themselves.


And for fans of the Marvel Universe, it's worth noting that Iron Man drives an Audi. With Audi, you will ride in a style fit for an Avenger.