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"HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE GUYS!! Amazing customer service. Because of the staff at Audi Marin, I'll definitely be sticking with the Audi brand for the foreseeable future." - Jeff K. from Petaluma, CA
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Since am on my 13th car from Sonnen……over the past 14 years (3 purchase referrals and …an Audi, then Tarueg, then Passat then CC the Porsche then Eos, then Porsche, then Audi, then Jetta…..etc….

I have known Gene and the Sonnen Service organization very well, and they are always an 11….out of 10 !! - in caring for my cars or my wife's cars…thats why we come back (and Rod's silky smooth voice on those Audi commercials of course….)…and refer other friends and business associates.

High marks as usual.




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Best costumer service and fast response

By Roozbeh from Florida | November 15, 2015

I was looking to purchase a used BMW ,,,I found my car in their dealership and they were working with me to give me the best possible sales experience ,,,,,AMAL was my sale rep ..he was so responsive and professional ,,,I highly recommend this dealer to have a hassle free and smooth car shopping experience .

Rating from Roozbeh

Overall: 5

Customer Service: 5 out of 5

Buying Process: 5 out of 5

Quality of Repair: N/A

Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5

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Guys - thanks for an awesome experience today. P and I are very excited and greatly appreciate the high level of integrity and respect you all operate with. It makes car buying easy. As promised, here is our glowing praise for Peter. 


My wife and I came to Sonnen Audi with the hopes of purchasing a Q5, but we intentionally didn't lead on that we were serious or active buyers. We were greeted by Peter Vacek and immediately knew we were in great hands. Peter is a kind, patient and honest gentleman. Not once did Peter pressure us to make a purchase or ask us if he could win our business. Rather, he showed us all our options, explained various models and ultimately said "when you're ready we can find something you will love."  That's when we said, if you can find us a car we love with what we're looking for, we are ready to buy it from you today. He won our business by being genuinely vested in our best interest. It was awesome. Something else that was so great about Peter was his ability to read the situation. Unlike many people in the profession, Peter allowed us the space to talk privately about what we wanted to do.

Overall, the whole experience was incredible! We felt like we were at home and could ask anything we wanted to. Bottom line we highly recommend Peter & Sonnen to anyone looking to buy an amazing car!



We met last week at the Dealership. I am the fellow with the new Q5 TDI with a problem after having a trailer hitch installed elsewhere.

I was impressed at how nicely I was received, that the vehicle's "problem" solved notwithstanding it was not a warranty issue, and that I was on the road shortly thereafter with a smile on my face.

You might remember that I consider myself a car-guy. It gives me  great personal pleasure to feel the very positive pulse of the AUDI brand at your dealership.

Best wishes,





I found everything about my service experience yesterday at Audi Marin to be genuinely truly exceptional. So, I will be reflecting that in the survey I receive, no worries.

Previously, I have only had my Audi serviced at the SF Audi dealership, which I must say, was not exceptional, at all. The difference in my experience with Marin Audi was truly remarkable.




I have owned Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, etc., and I can honestly say that the service people and the quality of service we've received at Sonnen is the best (11/10). Our service contact, Gary, has always been friendly, professional and responsive, as has everyone else I've had contact with there. 

I'd say your Mojo is workin there so, whatever it is your doing, keep it up and thank you!

 Best regards,





A Flawless Transaction

By Ruthless from San Carlos, CA | December 13, 2013

Bought a pre-owned Saturn VUE from Audi of Marin, and the vehicle and representative were outstanding. Found the auto on, made the selection and appointment, and the vehicle was fully serviced, including gasoline, and ready to go after the paper shuffle which only took about one-half hour. The dealership is glitzy and appealing, easy to find, and I salute them for their good manners and good care. Don't hesitate to car shop at Audi of Marin.

A warning light came on in my Audi hatchback, and I wasn't sure what to do. I called the service department, spoke with someone who told me it was safe to drive a few miles to get there. I brought in the car and expected to wait forever, but what a surprise!!!  Joe spoke with me immediately, showed me the waiting area, with coffee and snacks available, and came back in less than 10 minutes.  They had topped off my coolant and said to come back if I had any further problems.  Joe even gave me his direct line, so I can call him.  Sonnen Audi has a new building, but even better, they provide incredible service.   

Love this place! 

Today my experience was that I made an appointment and through some snafu it was lost.  Which is unfortunate but without a lot of hassel they graciously are going to accomodate me.  Thank god as live in the Outer Sunset and was already at the dealership. Yes I drove 30 miles up here for a proper service.  It's worth it. 

I initially purchased my 2010 Passat at Serramonte VW and lets just say the service there sucked.  I purchased the car new and came back a week later for them to tighten everything up... well. they didn't do it.  I drove away and had to be towed back to Sonnen ( as I work in Marin )  cause of a MAJOR oil leak.   Sonnen has been solid and restored confidence in VW again.

I bought an 07 Porsche Boxster from Sonnen last April, and I really didn't have too many comparisons to make at that time.  However, several car buying experiences later, and I can now honestly say that these guys really treated me well.  A few things stood out in particular

1.  I got a fair but great price on the car (the car was listed at a very reasonable price to begin with)
2.  I received exceptional service from the sales person: Michael Lata
3.  The sales manager (I think his name was Jeff)  gave me an exceptional deal on transporting the car from SF to LA

The car was also in top condition, ran great, and had no issues!

So I was in the market to trade in my Chrysler 300, when my cousin told me he could see me driving an Audi A3. I hadn't heard of an A3, so I looked it up and immediately, I didn't want anything other than A3.  This is where the Yelp reviews came to play.  I found an A3 that Sonnen had, but decided to look them up on Yelp to see what kind of reviews they got and boom...ran away.  After a few days of no luck with looking on // or //, I decided to bite the bullet and email Sonnen to ask about the A3.  I got in touch with David M. and he was really helpful in answering ALL my emails and that questions within. 

Then Carmax in Roseville had an A3 that I was eyeing and decided to go there to get my car appraised and see if I can get their A3.  Without saying much, things "almost" fell through with Carmax, but the A3 that I normally went in to see was already "reserved" for someone.  We found another one at their Torrance lot and ended up having it transferred.  Then when we talked financing, they couldn't get me anything better than an 8% loan with their Carmax Financial, even though I was preapproved with a bank for 3.99% already.   So while we waited for the transfer, this is where Sonnen came out and shined bright...

I checked Sonnen online to see if they had any new A3s and lo and behold, they had a new black 2009 one on their lot, but pictures weren't up on their site.  I emailed David again, after a few weeks of not speaking with him, and he goes out and takes pictures of the car and sends it to me, even before they went up on the site.  He also sends me the original windowsticker to show what's included in the car.  This one was TONS better than the one I had transferred at Carmax and for not much more.  At this point, I am highly interested and we start talking numbers.  Things weren't working out well with their banks or Audi Financial, but then a glimmer of hope came through.  Mike, one of their financial directors, worked with the bank I was originally preapproved for and got me more than what I was originally preapproved for.  Since my bank was part of the CUDL program and Sonnen was, too, they were able to work things out for me, easily, and for more and better than what I was originally preapproved for.  The deal ended up being way better than what Carmax had offered me because the deal I got was for a better car, with less mileage, more packages, Certified Pre-Owned with extended warranty, Audi care coverage for my 35k and 45k service, and tons more.  

I drove up to Sonnen the next day and that place is nearly pristine (aside from the construction going on nearby...).  I met with David, did some paperwork, and we were out for the test drive.  The car was cleaner than what was in the picture and I loved it.  After the test drive, I met with Mike to finalize and sign the paperwork and there was no pushing and shoving to get me to buy more stuff.  After that, I went out and the car was cleaned for me even more than it was earlier.  David actually took it upon himself to fill up my tank to full to get us ready for our drive back to Sacramento and he even bought me an Audi shirt from their gift shop. 

Needless to say, I can't believe I was almost deterred from Sonnen just because of the Yelp reviews.  Everything went better than expected and David and Mike definitely went above and beyond to get me the car that I ultimately wanted and that I ultimately love.      

OK - only one experience with service, so I don't know that I'm qualified to give it 5 stars, but I'm comparing them  with the saga of Broadway VW in Oakland  I think I'd give at least 4 stars even it were not compared with Bwy VW's poor service dept.   

Upshot of what was good as Sonnen: - Personal attention, -quick scheduling of a large, warranty repair, -immediate loaner, -a mini-conference with a service tech to discuss an unrelated issue (offered a great tip about carbon flush) -knowledge/concern for getting this oil leak fixed.  -immediately found my 'warranty' status online (Bwy VW wouldn't find it unless I insisted.)
- I observed good customer service skills with others - 
I overheard the women at front desk arranging for individual pick-up/drop off  in towns that aren't that close to San Rafael. I saw them greeting a pick-up client by name.  (I was greeted by name when I picked up my car.) -They wash the car after service - whether warranty of fee.
and --  I left my cellphone recharger in the loaner car.  They found it and held it for me.  
-I cannot comprehensively comment on pricing since my repair was warranty, but they did fix one non-warranty item and charged only for the part since the car was all taken apart for the oil leak anyway.  Price for part seemed reasonable.