What an Audi A4 Allroad from Audi Marin can Offer You

When you need a luxury vehicle that will treat you as well on the road as it will off, you need the Audi A4 allroad. It provides power, capability, and sophistication that you will need no matter where you are heading to. Coming to Audi Marin in San Rafael, CA will give you the opportunity to get on a test drive that will give you the full experience of this vehicle.640 × 480

With a 2.0-liter TFSI engine that puts out 252 horsepower, the A4 allroad ensures excitement as soon as you get on the road. When you have an open stretch of road, you can fully appreciate the 5.9 second 0 to 60 time provided by this vehicle. Audi Quattro technology can switch from front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive in fractions of a second to ensure that you have maximum control over every road condition. You can further improve handling with the drive select feature, which lets you specify offroad, comfort, auto, dynamic, or individual settings for whatever the current condition. Audi has made sure you are given complete control over the performance of your vehicle.

The A4 allroad isn't only about power though, the striking design features double as usable technology. The power tailgate allows you to program the opening height to your convenience, can include hands-free opening and closing, and will easily allow you to load your gear into the spacious interior.

Audi has focused on reducing distractions for the driver. MMI touch allows you to "write" your entry rather than selecting letters from a keyboard. This fluid motion allows the driver to keep your eyes on the road rather than looking down at a screen.

The innovative Audi A4 allroad will impress any driver that gets into it, which is why we encourage you to go on a test drive when you come see us at Audi Marin. Our team is dedicated to making sure you find the vehicle that will match your style and meet the needs of your life.

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