Discover One of 2018’s Most Fun-to-Drive and Intelligent Sport Sedans—The Audi A4


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When it was released all-new last year, the 2018 Audi A4 was lauded for how well it combined intelligence and luxury with its engaging sport sedan driving dynamics. One model year on, and that hasn’t changed. It still sits at the top of most reviewer’s recommended lists, as well as in the dreams of numerous enthusiasts in the greater San Francisco area.

It’s not hard to see why, even on paper. The 2018 A4 represents the ninth generation of a car that has sold 12 million models worldwide since its inception, and a formidable competitor against the likes of other German-badged models. In its current form, it can be had in two flavors—A4 Ultra, or A4 Quattro—depending on whether you prefer higher gas mileage, or higher octane performance.

In either category, the A4 won’t let you down. With 190 horsepower and up to 37 mpg highway, the A4 Ultra proves fun and efficient. But for the most sporting ride, A4 Quattro models with 252 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque is where you’ll find the lion’s share of the fun. Its AWD system splits power 40/60 front to back, and can split power 70/30 frontward, or 15/85 to the back as needed for better performance or all-weather traction.

But where hitting sixty in a class-leading 5.7 seconds is expected of a sport sedan like the A4, its intelligence has left the collective jaws of the reviewing world on the floor. As it turns out, Google Earth is featured on more than the gorgeous Virtual Cockpit digital instrument display, but enables the available adaptive cruise control system to slow down for exit ramps and turns automatically. The A4 can also detect potential collisions during left-hand turns, and even warn you if a car is approaching when you need to get out.

When enjoyed from the 2018 A4’s opulent cabin, with its standard leather upholstery and choice of metal or wood furnishings, it’ll be hard to want for anything else. But beyond the standard Audi MMI, safety features, and impressive interior volume are a virtual arsenal of options. A Sport package makes the A4 an even more aggressive performer, while providing sport seats and black headliner. A Black Optics package adds sultry, race-inspired touches, and higher trim models like the Premium Plus and Prestige can be had with a Bang & Olufsen audio system, head-up display, and top view camera.

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