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Tread condition: Your link to the road To help ensure maximum tire life, rotate the tires at the tire manufacturer-recommended intervals, and check tire pressure monthly. The correct pressure recommendation is located on the driver-side door jamb placard as well as in your Owner's Manual. Vehicle alignment issues may occur from hitting a pothole or a curb. Have t he vehicle's alignment checked if the tire's tread is wearing unevenly or the vehicle pulls to one side. Severe irregular wear, impact damage from potholes, punctures, or other road hazards will require tire replacement.

 Tread depth: 
Your margin of safety On wet roads, tire grooves channel water away to help prevent tires from losing contact with the road, or hydroplaning. As tread wears down, these grooves become more shallow, reducing wet traction and resistance to hydroplaning. It's important to check your tread depth periodically to help ensure safe driving in all weather conditions. 6/32" or more is Green/Good; 5/32"-3/32" is Yellow/Caution; under 3/32" is Red/Replacement Required.

Shoulder/sidewall condition: 
Critical to strength and reliability A cut or bubble in the tire shoulder or sidewall may be caused by striking a pothole or other road hazard. The tire must be replaced. It is important to routinely inspect your tires, especially during the winter months when roads are in disrepair. Tires with damaged sidewalls should be inspected by a professional and replaced if needed.

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